Jul 27 2013

The Harrow Council for Justice Go One Step Too Far

husain_akhtar1The Harrow Council for Justice, not known for its skills in winning friends and influencing people, has gone one step too far today.

The quasi-political group has today trawled the internet looking for stuff to discredit other political groups in Harrow, and has stooped to its lowest point yet.

Picking on one of the Independent Labour Group members this time, it has dug up some very tasteful modelling pictures by one of the group’s councillors. We’ve seen the photos – the councillor concerned is, indeed, stunning. And the pictures are tasteful – no nudity or even a hint of it. In fact, they’re more like the sort of thing you’d see in the Next catalogue.

So, who is behind this despicable act? Despite many enquiries Cllr Husain Akhtar (pictured, currently Independent, Canons), who left the ILG recently, hasn’t confirmed his involvement in the HCJ – but he hasn’t denied it either, despite some extremely convincing evidence of his involvement. However, it’s a fairly safe bet that he may be behind this has denied being involved with the HCJ since his resigned from the group in 2010 citing a “conflict of interest.”

If so, we think that the hokey-cokey councillor The HCJ has gone too far with this, a campaign designed to smear the councillor, right in the middle of Ramadan. The ILG councillor concerned is clearly upset by this, and the HCJ should be ashamed of itself for going one step too far.

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  1. Sara

    Cllr Husain should be ashamed of himself, well done iharrow for highlighting this. Harrow Council for Justice should be shut down and Cllr Husain removed from his position, he is targeting this girl for no reason. What has photos of a person got to do with justice in harrow? Why does he feel he has the right to disperse images of a girl without her permission during this holy month? Husain (dont feel like referring to him as cllr as he does not deserve this position), seems to have made more enemies than friends and I am not surprised why no body wants him. I do not personally know Cllr Zarina, but from what I hear from a friend who works for Children Services, she is a lovely girl who has been spending a lot of time with the department. This is a religious month and I am simply disgusted with him and this so called harrow council for justice, thank you iharrow for being truly just.

  2. Usud Shah

    im very disturbed by this..in islam,to lie is a sin,and when one is fasting a lie breaks the fast. one can be obliged to control the tongue. if cllr hussain is indeed a true muslim as slandering others and digging up info on them makes him a vey bad muslim indeed,then ask him to openly admit if he had anything to do with it,or he himself went digging for the info,found the photos and without cllr Zarina’s permission, posted the photos on Harrow Council for Justice. let us see if he is willing to lie, or tell the truth during this month. i have daughters , and i would happily take you in front of everyone at friday prayers to admit the truth if you had done this to my daughter. i hope i never have the misfortune in meeting you, Mr Hussain.

  3. Susan Hall

    How low is the Harrow Council for Justice going to sink? I was the subject of their ghastly abuse for three years and was unable to defend myself properly despite the malicious, viscous, constantly incorrect attacks and few came to my defense despite everyone knowing who was behind it all because they were frightened of being called ‘racist’. Well I will certainly come to Zarina’s defense. Zarina is not only a stunningly beautiful woman more importantly she is a kind, competent and lovely person. She has been working exceptionally hard on her portfolio and is charming and thoughtful to everyone she meets. For this odious little group to attack this young woman is despicable especially given that it is during the most holy month of Ramadan. Clearly they know that the timing is especially sensitive to Zarina and her community- its despicable. Well done iharrow for exposing this vile group hopefully this will cause them to disband as they are a disgrace and quite frankly an embarrassment to Harrow and its fine residents.

  4. Sharon

    This is extremely frustrating. This guy needs to be stricken off. There should be no room for imcompotent, maliscious and divisive behaviour in our politics. truly a disgrace, and at the expense of the tax payer

  5. Mrs Fletcher

    Harrow Council for Justice should be banned, our local papers should expose them as being a group of people ( or person in charge) who harrase and bully! I mean sending out photos of someone without asking for permission! Is this justice? The idiots who run this stupid website should be ashamed and we ought to know exactly who has power over this website. Husain, once involved always involved i say! The photos are lovely though, but I wouldn’t want my photos sent to people without my permission or my children’s photos! Husain obviously has it in for this girl so I totally agree that he is the mastermind behind this, without doubt. Disgusting individuals indeed, their families and friends should be ashamed of these people. Husain is digging his own grave, and I can’t imagine many turning up to his funeral.

  6. Amna

    Logic tells us this man is more hated than liked, just look at the parties who have ousted him! I am a community member and have heard how horrible this man really is once you get to know him. I have never spoken out loud about this man but now feel the need to come out. I have never even seen his wife at a single councillor event, he obviously keeps her locked away and attacks women more than men it seems, a real chauvinist perhaps. He is so aggressive on his twitter account also, I dread to think how rude he is behind closed doors. When you first meet him you think nice man, but he indeed has a coloured coat full of hidden dark and dangerous daggers. Get rid of Harrow Council for Justice I say, please somebody get rid of them. I know Cllr Zarina quite well and went to school with her, I can vouch for her wonderful personality. Now she stands for justice. This Harrow council for justice lost all credibility when I heard they (or husain hidden behind a veil) sent out photos without permission. I hope they get what they deserve, the scheming evil ones.

  7. Osamba Arre

    Lets not beat about the bush: Husain is Insane! He’s hit no loyalty except to himself. When in the Tories he attacked Susan Hall, when he left he attacked Susan Hall, when he became Labour he attacked more Tories, then went independent and attacked Navin Shah then joined Independent Labour and attacked his Victoria Silver then his own group when they chastised him for his behaviour, he accused someone of impersonating him since he’s so popular now and then promptly left and attacked Zarina Khalid.

    Morals? Bah! Decency? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. There’s enough evidence and dirt on him to have him done under so many charges now which I think he’ll find a nice surprise soon. Here’s to him enjoying all his hatred for mankind from behind bars soon so those who are here to do a good job carry on doing so.

    No wonder his kids hate him!

  8. Mo

    This is horrendous to hear, what business does Husain and his evil clan of friends have sending out photos. For their own enjoyment perhaps? During Ramadan? We all know Husain runs the rubbish that is hcj. I never read it. Can she not sue them for sending photos without her permission? Sue them! They call themselves council for justice, what a joke! Husain, you and your little friends are evil vindictive men, get out of Harrow we are mostly nice people here. Can’t the papers expose him as the evil bully he is?

  9. ahmed adil

    ‘Harrow council for justice’ should be renamed as ‘dirty old gits who post attacks’, as they have no life, job and probably fake credentials, only worthless people attack for no reason, hussain u dirty dirty man…

  10. ahmed adil

    Thank you Cllr Susan Hall the only Cllr to defend Cllr Zarina. I wish the papers would show him up for all his attacks and put a sock in his mouth forever.

  11. j p hobbs

    Well he could always be put in the dog poo bin but then all the other crap will just jump out shouting . pooooooh

  12. Sabina

    Husain Akhtar, you are one seriously pathetic individual, you are absolutely disgusting, please do everyone a favour and slither back from the toilet basin you came from.

  13. Councillor Victoria Silver | Kenton East

    I am writing about Zarina who is a thoughtful and kind Councillor, serving Queensbury ward. I am shocked by what I’ve read but as a similar victim who is facing investigation, after a HCJ complaint, I am constrained by what I can say. I agree, wholeheartedly, with everything Councillor Hall has said about abuse. Given the pattern we are now seeing, including the targeting of women, the time has come to take a stand. This hate crime against women is deeply disturbing when some really do feel that if a woman speaks out then she deserves to have abuse and attacks directed at her. If we allow women to be treated in a way they are personally attacked and intimidated for holding an opinion, then who is next? We don’t have to put up with abuse on the Internet or otherwise and now is the time to take a stand. Please keep posting your comments and ideas. This can stop.

    Councillor Victoria Silver | Kenton East

  14. Ayesha

    I am shocked, disturbed and disgusted by the behaviour of this old man, who is supposedly muslim himself (his name suggests it), this is the ‘harrow council for justice’??!! That is utter despicable behaviour, all the comments above speak for itself, to attack someone for no reason makes no sense whatsoever. husain i think you are in desperate need of a life!

  15. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    The attack on Cllr Zarina Khalid by Husein Akhtar is a disgrace. I have found Cllr Khalid to be easy to deal with and up to the job. Akhtar’s behaviour is both bullying and calculated to defame. As usual the coward hides behind the HCiJ but his ip-address once again gives him away. His bloated sense of self-worth and entitlement has put him into conflict wherever he goes, but it’s never his fault.

    I hope that he is barred from office and forced to resign. He is not a fit and proper person to represent Harrow and its residents and if he has any sense of honour, he’d resign…. He won’t.

    His behaviour isn’t new. His insulting and offensive rantings using various pseudonyms (Harrowking and DavidX, to bame two) on the Harrow Times website as well as dragooning in his cronies on the Harrow Council for inJustice during the West Harrow by-election were disgusting.

    For a man who is constantly citing justice, tolerance and righteousness, accusing all and sundry of “bullying”, “racism” and every other “-ism” truly is the pot calling the kettle black.

    His smearing of Zarina is but the latest of his odious vendettas. I have made sure that Cllr Akhtar can never join UKIP drspite his previous enquiries and later denial.

    RESIGN and do us all a favour. SHUT UP and do yourself a favour.

  16. Haji Putaak

    Cllr Jeremy Zeid has highlighted some very factual and intriguing points about this man who seems to be a seriously disturbed human being. Some people just have a dark heart really and his is as black as stone.

    People can smell blood, his fear even.The net seems to be closing in and it seems to becoming clear as to who else has he sent these links to in order to defame a valued member of his own muslim community. One can only show something like this to friends,peers and fellow muslims alike to cause the maximum distress. What other ” internet troll ” activities has this man has been carrying out in cowardly way and is he still plotting !

    There are law as against this sort of thing.

    I say he needs to be suspended pending a full investigation against him as well as the HCJ for being in cahoots in a hopeless and subversive nature in the name of Art.

    Being a fellow muslim. I think its deplorable that this man & the HCJ has carried this out by tapping into the insecurities that exist around muslim women expressing themselves professionally at all levels decently by the muslim community to such a cowardly level. Its a crying shame many people in minority communities are on the breadline and vulnerable to bigotry, yet they choose to concentrate their energies on the Cllr Zarina Khalid whom is actually trying to do her job whist gaining steady success.(see Hillview Centres outstanding offsted report- iharrow article)

    A lot of comments have mentioned the holy month of Ramadan but this has no meaning for these kind of people . They are inherently dark individuals whose power or greed for it has been threatened.

    Unfortunately this form of cowardly bigotry can exist within cultures and communities so this has shown that the HCJ has no place in todays society.

  17. Nahila

    Cllr Akhtar is a disgrace to the community and it is very sad that unfortunately he is sitting in a seat that he does not deserve. What is most disgusting here, is that Husain says after he posts the links to swim wear models on HCJ’s rubbish page, that if the images should disappear he is willing to show PDF files. Ok which person is dying to see swimwear models here? Why would Husain go against the photographers wishes, not having asked the photographer for permission I’ve found out, and go to all this effort to show such images??? Can HCJ please please explain? Have you interviewed the photographer? Have you even acknowledged the photographer personally? You had one aim when providing that link which is really sick. You stand for injustice, not justice, you stand for hatred. Cllr Akhtar needs to be reported to the police for targeting young intelligent women like Zarina and uses images to scar her reputation. I would like to say Zarina has been selected for portfolio holder for children services because she is a bright intelligent and has great credentials to support her post. She is doing a very good job and is extremely active and great in her role. Anyone who can not handle this, well tough because she will not be going anywhere and her work will speak for itself.
    So Hussain Akhtar I think you should step down get that HCJ page closed down and ask god to forgive you for your behavior towards an innocent young women in this HOLY MONTH of Ramadan which I’m quite sure you will be fasting in. Good luck to Zarina I wish you all the success in all the work you do for the Harrow Council and any other department you work for.
    And well said Haji Putaak

  18. Cllr Zarina Khalid

    Dear All, firstly I’d like to say thank you so much for all your support. To my utter horror I have been told that HCJ have claimed I gave permission for my photographs to be sent to unknown addresses. A Muslim councillor from Barnet believe it or not was also sent the email containing my images. I’d like to confirm I never gave permission for pictures to be sent. I am very upset over the links they put up on their page of girls who look like me in swimwear. I am lost for words really. Thank you all so much once again for your kindness, in particular iharrow, who really do stand for justice.

  19. Adia

    I agree strongly with everyone supporting cllr Zarina khalid. Hussain Akhtar should be ashamed of himself! I am disgraced how HCJ has a member who has such audacity to try and degrade an hounrable and respectable young woman.
    He has carried out a despicable and loathsome act . This man should at least be suspended and should not be able to represent harrow in anyway. He has maliciously attacked Cllr zarina khalid who has shown full comitment and hard work throughout her time as a councillor. Hussain Akhtar is a bully who should be held accountable for injustice and indignity.
    Zarina, you carry on your hardwork and dedication towards harrow council and take no notice of low life scums like Hussain Akhtar!

  20. Georgia x

    I suggest that whomever owns the copyright to the photos in the newsletter, send a bill for their use to the ‘Harrow Council for Justice’ finance officer.

    I suggest that a CCJ is taken out over the libel regarding the ‘faked’ swimwear photo claims.

    I would certainly be seeking legal advice, the copyright issue could be a rather lucrative affair if handled correctly.

    As far as the ‘Harrow Council for Justice’ are concerned they seem to be nothing but a smear outfit and the more people speak out against their publications the more people will come to see them for what they are.

    From Georgia x

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