Aug 06 2013

Flame of the week – #HusainGate

flamesOne of a series of Flame of the Week – a series highlighting some of the most, uh, robust emails we receive.

The Douchebag Award attracted a couple of public comments, but this one was really too good to pass by

I found this disgusting article with links to my page single Muslim mums and I resent being used in a political smear campaign and I demand that the links be taken out. You had no right to use them just to suit your own filthy agenda and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. The only ‘douchebag’ I see here is you and a pathetic attempt at journalism, ever considered working for one of those trashy newspapers?!

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  1. Ms A

    Ah the person who wrote this probably feels like how Cllr Zarina felt when that Husain uploaded the pictures. Although Cllr Zarina had her photos uploaded and not just a link to a very public blog which is open for people for read. This is no smear campaign, this is about bringing Husain to justice. The person who wrote this email is clearly deluded, most likely a relative of Husain, poor thing. Harrow Council for Justice is simply laughable. I think enough has been said about this man and his clan of indecent friends, aka the friends who run Harrow council for justice. How Harrow council for justice did not send an apology I know not, they decided to send out further emails to suggest Cllr Zarina wanted the pictures to be sent out! I saw that email off someone who showed me it, it was clearly a sarcastic response and was sent after HCJ sent their images, she was obviously annoyed by it. I mean do such horrible people really exist in Harrow? I implore those in power to get rid of Harrow Council for Justice and Husain, do not let the horrible people sully the name of Harrow.

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