Jan 01 2014

The Winner of iharrow’s 2014 Charity is… Harrow Womens’ Centre

happy_2014Nearly 2000 people voted in our poll to see which charity we should support during 2014. If you recall, we promised to donate 100% – that’s every single penny – of our Google Adsense advertising income in 2014 to a charity chosen by iharrow’s readers.

We started with asking for nominations, and then held a poll to collect votes for each of those charities suggested to us.

The winner, with 626 votes (32%) was Harrow Womens’ Centre.

Harrow Equality Centre came second with 581 votes (30%) and The WISH Centre third with 209 votes (11%).

Thanks to all those who nominated the charities, and for those who took time out to vote and to spread the word around.

We’ll get in touch with Harrow Womens’ Centre in the next few days to let them know, and we’ll be forwarding cheques and a breakdown of the income from Google at the end of every quarter.

Thanks for reading iharrow, and keeping us on our toes over the last year. It’s been a hell of a journey so far, and 2014 is almost certainly going to be full of surprises for all of us across the borough! We’d like to wish you and your families a happy and prosperous 2014.

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  1. Manji Kara

    Great news! Harrow Women’s Centre which is a very deserving charity will be very pleased. Thanks to all who voted for HWC. Another good year for HWC and iHarrow.

  2. Lesley Williams

    Congratulations to Harrow Women’s Centre. They do fantastic work and really deserve this.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Thrilled to hear the good news.More power to your elbow –all at Harrow Women’s Centre.You deliver the goods!

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