Jan 01 2013

All About… Elections in Harrow

polling_stationWe stumbled upon another of those rare gems today – a web site devoted entirely to historical elections in Harrow. It goes into huge detail on local elections from 1894 to the present day, and is backed up by a wealth of documents, images and election leaflets covering the period.

The author says:

The information and data presented on this site has been accumulated as a result of intermittent research over a period of more than 35 years and were occasionally published in the Harrow area in the form of short print-run pamphlets and books. Between publication dates I have frequently corrected, revised and added to the contents. It now seems an appropriate time to make this information available on the Internet to a wider audience of historians, researchers and political ‘anoraks’.

Within each section are links to Adobe pdf or Microsoft xls files, giving access to the pages of interest from the original books (hence the presence of page numbers). It will be noticed that I have relied upon the style employed by the late F.W.S. Craig in his scholarly series of books, British Parliamentary Election Results. No apologies for that – in my opinion it is the clearest way of setting out consecutive results for the same electoral area.

I have also scanned a selection of historic election addresses and leaflets from my collection. These have been uploaded as jpeg files: a click on the appropriate link should open the file and provide the illustration in a new window. I would welcome the opportunity of including images from other sources if they are sent to me – either as jpeg files or as originals for me to scan before carefully returning.

It’s well worth a browse – click here to go to the site.

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