Jun 23 2011

Asda South Harrow – The first few days

After a few weeks of renovations, the Asda in Northolt Road, South Harrow, opened at 10.00 on Tuesday 21st to some huge queues outside  (see picture).  Initial reactions seem to have been mixed, but it’s still early days.

I hadn’t realised how nice it was not having huge HGVs blocking up the Northolt Road – and that was slammed home to me on Wednesday evening when there was not one, but two, HGVs fighting for space in the loading bay. With one lorry parked on the Northbound Northolt Road, and the bus lane in operation on the Southbound side, there was only one lane open for two way traffic.  All this about 30 yards from the Alexandra Avenue / Petts Hill / Northolt Road traffic lights and junction.  Oh, and it was about 5.05pm, so right in the middle of rush hour.

If Asda want to make friends here, a bit of thought over their delivery logistics wouldn’t go amiss. I know it’s early days – perhaps they’d underestimated sales? – but surely a delivery late evening, or early morning would have been more sensible?

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