Apr 25 2011

Asda to open in South Harrow?

Asda has submitted a planning application to Harrow Council for some signage work at the existing Netto store in Northolt Road.  This means that, at some point soon, the store is likely to be re-branded as an Asda, following Asda’s buyout of the Netto brand almost a year ago.

I’ve always liked Netto – particularly the almost random element to it’s special offers: one week it might be garage tools, the next it might be staplers and hole punches.  Admittedly, the quality is always dubious, but if you weigh up the price you’re paying, versus the likelihood of it breaking, I’ve always found Netto a bargain, and I’d be sad to see it go.

The more important question, of course, is whether we need a supermarket of Asda’s quality and range in the area?  If you could buy your newspaper, pharmaceuticals and optician needs in one place, doesn’t that spell the end for the independents who are struggling to survive just a stone’s throw away? And apart from anything else, the Northolt Road already grinds to a halt twice a day when Netto’s lorries are reversing into the car park: if Asda hopes to increase sales – at a store which already has limited car parking – and thus increase the number of deliveries, are we going to be subjected to more regular tailbacks along the Northolt Road?

I wish Asda good luck, but I honestly don’t think this is the right place for them to be.

Search for P/0540/11, P/0497/11 and P/0497/11 at Harrow’s Planning Portal here for the full details.


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