Feb 08 2012

Baby-Led Weaning Classes in Pinner

ItsYummyMummy.com are running regular classes in baby-led weaning in the Pinner area, every week on a Tuesday at 1.00pm.  To get involved, call 07716 287 883 or email info@itsyummymummy.com or visit their website.

Sessions include:

  • What is baby led weaning
  • Why choose it
  • How it works
  • How and when to start
  • First foods
  • Child development
  • Meal plans
  • Safety
  • Foods to avoid
  • Supermarket food recommendations – samples/tasters will be available
  • Recipes

My sessions run for approximately 2 hours with a break, along with time to have questions answered. I will be offering two types of classes –

– 2 hour group classes – Everything you will need to know regarding BLW including handouts & recipes.

– 1-2-1 consultancy programme – over 6 weeks – class & support.

  • 1st week – BLW session (either at mine or yours) on everything to do with BLW.
  • Then over the next five weeks you will receive meal plans once a week by email – detailing different meal ideas and different types of foods to encourage variety thus preventing fussy eating.  You will also have 5 phone calls/emails over the 5 weeks for advice and support. I will be available by phone and/or by email (certain times of the day) to discuss issues/questions you may have during the first weeks of weaning.

We first heard about Baby Led Weaning at our local breast feeding drop in centre (wonderful place). The ladies running the group were discussing one morning about this ‘new’ way of feeding your child, letting them eat what you eat and doing away with pureeing. It sounded intriguing, but at the time it was a million miles away for me and Pumpkin as we were still getting to grips with breast feeding, hence why we were attending the group. I noted the name and didn’t think anymore of it, until it was time.

Visit their website for more information, and please mention iharrow.com if you get in touch.

[important]This article has been published independently of the group or organisation shown.  No fee, payment or other consideration has been requested, nor received, by iharrow.com in respect of this article. Please mention iharrow.com if you get in touch with them.[/important]

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