Mar 16 2011

Coinstar in South Harrow

About a month ago, we published an article about using the Sainsbury’s self-service checkouts in their Northolt Road branch as a very good way to convert (by using it…) all your spare change. However, that post has attracted many searches on the internet for people searching for Coinstar machines in South Harrow – not quite what I intended. Nonethless, here’s where you can find Coinstar in and around South Harrow:

  1. Tesco, Station Road, Harrow HA1 2TU
  2. Sainsbury, 12 Barters Walk, Pinner HA5 6LU
  3. Sainsbury, 11 Long Drive, South Ruislip HA4 0HQ
  4. Tesco, Western Avenue, Greenford UB6 8DW
  5. Tesco, Glencoe Road, Hayes UB4 9SQ
  6. Sainsbury, Kenton Rd, Kenton HA3 0BU
  7. Morrisons, 299 Uxbridge Road, Pinner HA5 4QT
  8. Sainsbury, 2-14 Melbourne Ave, West Ealing W13 9BT
  9. Sainsbury 360 Ealing Road, Alperton HA0 1PF
  10. Sainsbury, Lombardy Retail Park, Coldharbour UB3 3EX



Remember that Coinstar charges a small 6-7% commission on all change conversions.

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