Nov 06 2012

Comment: World Diabetes Day and Harrow

Every year, World Diabetes Day is marked on November 14th – with millions of people around the world engaging in diabetes awareness campaigns. In Harrow, which has both an ageing population and large numbers of Asian and other residents who are more at risk of developing diabetes, doing all we can to increase awareness is vitally important.

Diabetes can be a ticking time bomb in terms of increased health costs and the enormously detrimental impact on the lives of those living with the condition, and their families, but if identified in good time it is highly treatable – making early detection crucial. This is why the poor testing figures in Harrow recently identified by Diabetes UK are of such concern, and why they must see improvement as a matter of urgency.

With an influential Parliamentary Committee stating very recently that up to 24,000 people in Britain die prematurely from diabetes every year, it is clear that much more needs to be done to improve awareness and increase the number of people being tested. World Diabetes Day gives everyone in Harrow the perfect opportunity to contribute to this effort, and it’s an opportunity we all must take.

Cllr. Simon Williams
Shadow Portfolio Holder for Health
Harrow Council

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