May 21 2011

Dog Poisoner in Harrow

A couple of the local papers have reports of somebody leaving poisoned meat in parks and open spaces around Harrow – specifically in the Edgware area – with the intent of injuring or killing dogs.  Belmost Police SNT are investigating complaints about hunks of meat being left out on the ground, which had been laced with blue pellets and white pills.

No dogs have died, but at least two are known to have needed emergency treatment by a vet.

Dog owners should keep their dogs on leads, or muzzle them, to minimise the risk of them finding poisoned meat.

Canons Parks had a similar episode a few years back, when an individual left steaks stuffed with needles in and around the same park.

If you have any information, you can reach the Belmont Police SNT on 020 8721 2992 or 07920 233 729 or via their website.

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