Jun 01 2011

Ealing scraps motorcycles in bus lanes

Ealing Council is to scrap their motorcycles in bus lanes experiment which they started in 2009, having discovered that there were significantly more motorcylist casualties, mainly caused by cars turning across bus lanes into side junctions. Original claims for the bus lane trials suggested there would be a 40% safety benefit to motorcyclists, by giving them access to bus lanes.

The council considered data from the London wide experiment on Transport for London roads and data from motorcycle crashes on Ealing roads. The increased casualties in Ealing were similar to those on the TfL roads.

Cycling groups have lobbied against motorcycle access to bus lanes since day one and it seems that they may start to get what they’re looking for if other councils follow suit. It’s worth noting that in both trials cyclist casualties were higher than expected.

It’s worth remembering that some of the roads neighbouring South Harrow (Mandeville Road and Church Road, for example, between Petts Hill and the A40 junction) are in the borough of Ealing and have a number of bus lanes (incidentally, the Northbound Mandeville Road, leading up to the roundabout at Petts Hill regularly catches more than 500 people a month driving in the bus lane!).

The change comes into effect this month, and notices have been posted in and around Ealing. Other boroughs remain as they are, for the time being at least…

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