Mar 30 2011

Easynet Telecommunications Works in South Harrow

It seems that a lot of telecommunications work is underway in and around South Harrow at present. A couple of weeks ago, Northolt Road from Wyvenhoe Road down to Wood End Avenue had pavements dug up, and over the last week, that team has progressed half way around Wood End Avenue, and looks set to head down Westwood Avenue shortly.

A quick bit of research indicates that this may well mean faster broadband and cable TV for those people who’s houses it passes. A closer examination shows service boxes have been planted in the pavements, adjacent to boundaries, so it’s likely to be only a matter of time. Additionally, some of the 25,242 residential premises and 777 non-residential premises served by the South Harrow telephone exchange might already be benefiting from faster broadband, with the deployment of BT’s Fibre to the Cabinet programme, which involves putting ADSL equipment in roadside cabinets, rather then telephone exchanges.

Source: Sam Knows

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