Feb 06 2011

Freebies from Thames Water

If you’re a Thames Water customer – and in South Harrow, all your waste water is handled by them – you can order a number of water saving devices free of charge. Obviously, there are some restrictions on the quantities you can order, but it’s still a fairly good deal.

Full details can be found here.

For the shower, you can choose from either:

  • A water-saving aerated showerhead to replace an existing showerhead.
  • An aerating ShowerSave device, which screws into the base of your existing showerhead.

For sinks, you can choose one of either:

  • Miracle Tap Spray, an adaptor with a 360 degree swivel head, which mixes air with water – ideal for the kitchen sink.
  • Wash basin tap inserts – these fit into the end of the tap, and again, add air into the water.

Finally, you can choose any or all of the following:

  • Save-a-flush – a toilet cistern water saving device, suitable for seven litre toilets, which will save one litre per flush.
  • Hippo – another toilet cistern device, for nine litre toilets, which will save two litres per flush.
  • A shower timer, which will challenge you to shower in less than four minutes.
  • WaterGel crystals for hanging baskets and plant pots, to reduce the amount of plant watering by upto four times by keeping the soil moist.
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