Aug 30 2011

Getting rid of a wasps nest

As we move into the end of Summer, now’s about the time you might see wasps building a nest for the winter.

The first sign of this will be a number of wasps, clustering around a part of your home, typically near the eaves, or edge of the roof, or near a garage, shed or other building  They’ll be more common in the early morning, and again in the evening, and you might see wasps flying into or out of a small hole, gap or crevice. If you can see this, then the chances are you’ve got a wasp nest being built.

As autumn arrives the wasps start to feed on fermenting, over ripe fruit. These “drunken wasps” are now at their most dangerous and can become very aggressive, with a wasp sting more likely to happen.

By the time September arrives the nest can be as large as a small armchair with up to 10,000 wasps using it.

The first piece of advice is to leave it alone. Don’t try to spray wasp or fly spray into it: this will be ineffective outside, and will only anger the wasps, leading to a greater chance of being stung. You should call a local pest control company, who will take care of it for you.

The pest control company will inject a powder into the entrance to the nest, and this powder will be taken into the nest by wasps entering. It’ll take a day or two, but will usually – if applied correctly – work first time. Some companies offer a free second visit if the first one doesn’t work.

A wasps nest should not be left alone: wasps will chew wood and plasterboard to make their nests, and it’s not unknown for this to damage the building, and, perhaps, lead to wasps having a direct route into your home.

We’ve used Beck and Call Pest Control in the past for this, and they’ve proved very successful. You can call them on 020 8427 5478. Alternatively, search for ‘pest control’ in your local area. A good place to start is netmums.com – check your local area board for pest control companies near you.

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