Jan 17 2013

Harrow Council for Justice – Website Hacked?

navel_gazingA few days ago, we noted that the Harrow Council for Justice had some problems with it’s website, exposing one of the characters behind it Today, the ‘handful of faceless individuals‘ have declared that their website had been targeted by someone ‘attempting to interfere’ with it:

In a press release, they said:

The HCJ has updated its website which is now operating smoothly after defeating an attempt to interfere with the website.

They continued:

The HCJ wishes to reiterate that in the interest of public welfare and because both a quality administration and a quality opposition at Harrow Council are necessary in running the council and serving the residents, the Harrow Council for Justice expects that:

(a) The Conservative opposition in Harrow would present an alternative budget

(b) The Conservative opposition in Harrow would have a new leader, because the Conservatives under Cllr Hall are poor opposition in our opinion, failing in the most basic duties of a credible opposition … read more at www.hcrj.org.uk.

Issued by

Harrow Council for Justice

Our enquiry of Cllr Hussain Akhtar – it was, after all, his name that was plastered all over the broken website – remains unanswered.


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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    Harrow Council for Justice are a joke, a bunch of bullies if you ask me. If they are concerned so much for Harrow residents why have they not commented on the current administration putting our Council tax up in April by the maximum 2%, any more and it would have kicked off a local referendum! Less of back stabbing Susan Hall, and more of challenging an inept administration that are currently in power at Harrow Council!

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