Dec 16 2012

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman Caught with Pants Down – Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror carries an article today on Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman. It’s only a few days since Bob said how marriage is “between one man and one woman” and then stated that re-introducing Section 28 would be more appropriate than pushing ahead with marriage reform.

Fast forward to today, and the Mirror has exposed Bob’s “11-year affair behind devoted wife Nicola’s back…” in it’s front page article:

Carol Shaw tells how he used to sneak away from home for regular Friday afternoon romps with her when they were both Tory councillors.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Bob was a terrible lover…[/pullquote]

She says they also had sex in his marital bed and at an office where he worked.

“I couldn’t believe a man who had an affair with me for over 11 years could have the cheek to preach about the sanctity of marriage,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “Bob was a terrible lover…” she continued.

You can read the whole story here.


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  1. Eric Jones

    Has he still not resigned? What a scoundrel.

  2. Jon

    People have been complaining about Bob for years: http://bobblackmanmp.info/

  3. Georgia

    This begs the question; Where does he get the time? Perhaps he’s not as busy working as an MP as he would have us believe.

    I am Harrow West so I don’t have the opportunity to vote him out next time around.

    Hypocrisy is not a good look. I feel sorry for his wife.

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