Oct 26 2011

Harrow Nature Conservation Forum’s October Newsletter

Harrow Nature Conservation Forum have just published their October Newsletter, here. The Forum is actually a sub-committee of the Harrow Heritage Trust  and is a group of volunteers who maintain the majority of the nature reserves and wild open spaces in the London Borough of Harrow. They organize events such as guided walks and working parties in the various reserves. More details on their website here.

This months’ news includes details of hidden streams in the area:

One aspect of Newton Farm that puzzled me was the names and location of the local streams. Two Council documents – a map of watercourses and flood defences, and an undated but recent document entitled “Character Assessment of Harrow’s Residential Areas” revealed all. The visible stream, on the north of the site, is the Yeading Brook East, not to be confused with the Yeading Brook West, which flows through the moat at Headstone Manor and through Roxbourne Park, where it is joined by Smarts Brook. The Yeading Brook East rises on the west slopes of Harrow Hill, emerges from a culvert at Newton Farm, flows through Newton Park on the west of Alexandra Avenue and finally joins with its western sister south of the A40 opposite Northolt airfield. The Roxbourne, meanwhile, is a tributary of the Yeading Brook East. It rises in Roxeth and runs immediately south of Newton Farm, entering a culvert under Alexandra Avenue where it joins the Yeading Brook East. The large pipes that one sees south of the pond at Newton Farm are for flood relief from the Roxbourne – when flow is dangerously high these will pour water into the pond. All very confusing, especially since this means that the Roxbourne never gets closer than a kilometre to Roxbourne Park!

There much more about the valuable service that the Trust does all across the Borough, including:

  • Gate replacements
  • Bracken control
  • Security fences
  • Pond refurbishment
  • Vole surveys

In addition, they’re always looking for volunteers. If you can help, look here.

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