Jan 04 2012

High Performance Computing – NW London

Bit of a niche article  this, but a meetup.com user, Mike McKean, is trying to pull together a meeting for folks with an interest in high-performance computing.

Can we out perform INTEL and AMD? On a shoestring? And do it reliably? I am looking for engineers who are interested in making applications run fast and stable.

When I started in communications engineering I built solutions with clock rates of 800 KHz (NOT MHz). Now CPU’s run 4,000 times faster, but applications are still inefficient. It seems that we accept “wait state”, and “hanging applications”, or “crashes”, as just one of those things? I want to design a new CPU (really an FPGA), with a Very Reduced Instruction Set Computer (VRISC). By the way – VRISC is my term  – I want to design a Synchronous Solution, which uses an FPGA (as the Processor) and which analyses a relational database, such as Microsoft SQL or Oracle. I want this analysis to be many times faster, than the fastest INTEL or AMD Processor.

Remember that typically FPGA’s clock at 1/6th the speed of a regular CPU. However I have ways to turn that model on its head. Note. If you know about ASIC’s and FPGA’s, you will have concerns about DLL’s (Delay Locked Loops – not – Dynamic Link Libraries). As I say, I have a theory, about how to increase the effective Clock Rate, while Improving Reliability. I am rusty with much of this technology. I’m an “old guy”. I have not done much in terms of this since the mid 1980’s. Yes I’m that old – but I just earned my BSc in 2008, so my brain, still works.

Unfortunately I do not have a technical role, I’m a sales guy. So I am hoping to use this Meetup Group, to improve my technical skills. If you have any technology skills at all, please get in touch. If you are a Linux or Oracle Engineer, or a Geek, or a Hacker, or IT Support Consultant, I would really love to have a coffee with you. I am desperate to bounce my ideas off someone. I have a lot to learn, as I have been away from this for so long.

I live in Kenton, very close to Harrow. I was thinking of using the local Starbuck’s to get started? If anyone reads this, and has any interest at all, please get in touch.

Thanks, Mike

Remember, Microsoft started in a very similar back-of-an-envelope type way, so if you understood any of that above, and if this seems your sort of thing, get in touch with Mike here or call him on 07925 976 264. He’s looking at getting people together at 10.00 on Sunday, January 15, 2012, in the Starbucks in St Georges, Harrow.

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