Jun 22 2013

From the Archives: Roxeth Gazette July 1960

sharra_logoAnother article from the archives, this time the Roxeth Gazette from July 1960.

This copy of the SHARRA magazine features an article entitled ‘Value for Money’ which looks at how Harrow Council spent ratepayers funds, and touches on whether residents are getting good value for the amount they pay.

Mr E P Mays, the editor at the time, would hardly have thought his words would be as true today as they were some 53 years ago:

“On Whit Saturday afternoon, a motor-mower arrived to cut the grass verges in the road in which I live. I supposed the operator would be on overtime rates. On Sunday morning, residents looked with dismay at the resultant mess. Large patches of uncut grass waved in the breeze alongside patches where the mower had got to grips with grass. Yellowing crass cuttings drifted across the road and pavement. Never have I seen so botched a job as this. The cut grass lay around, swept into piles by residents for just over a week before it was cleared up”

You can download the July 1960 copy of the Roxeth Gazette here.



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  1. paperboat

    Thanks for the opportunity to see a couple of issues of the Roxeth Gazette – I live on one of the roads where it would have been distributed and it’s fascinating to read about what sorts of issues were concerning the residents of the day. The adverts are very interesting too – from a time when Northolt Road actually had proper shops. Please publish more issues of the Roxeth Gazette if possible 🙂

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