Jun 15 2011

John Henry Daymond

funeral_flowersThe funeral of John Henry Daymond took place yesterday at Breakspear Crematorium. He was a life-long resident of South Harrow, and a pillar of the local community, having been involved in many, many community projects. For some years, he was Chair of the South Harrow and Roxeth Residents Association, as well as being involved in the local Safer Neighbourhoods ward panel.

John was, by trade, an engineer, and he bought that fine engineering eye to everything he did. From the toys he created in his garden workshop for his children, and, later, his grandchildren, right through to the relationships he built across every layer of the community.

John passed away after a brief illness, and his funeral was a poignant, yet light, celebration of his life. Delivered to a chapel which was filled to bursting, his grandchildren read a short poem, and a family friend, Elf, delivered a heart-touch euolgy.

John is survived by his wife, Anne, his three children, and three grandchildren. Our thoughts are with his family.


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