Jan 28 2014

Memo to Cllr Hall: Heads you Lose, Tails you still Lose

navel_gazingThe deceptively-named Harrow (Racial) Council for Justice have decided the Cllr Susan Hall, who has been a continuing target for their “vile diatribe” over the years have issued yet another of their “newsletters” berating her, yet again:

We have been effectively exposing the local Conservative group’s veiled opposition to the Hindu school at the Teachers Centre in Harrow.

For example, one of our newsletters said, “Conservative group leader Councillor Hall’s widely reported “veiled opposition to the Hindu school” saying that the traffic situation will be absolute “nightmare” and claiming ‘localised gang and criminal ‘were vilified as “scaremongering” by the London Assembly Member Councillor Navin Shah in the Asian Voice. The newspaper also reported that “Cllr Susan Hall’s objection, has led to a wide-spread anger amongst the Asians, especially the Hindu community living around Harrow for two to three generations”!

We are pleased that our pressure has worked and the controversially installed minority Tory administration at the Harrow council has now to welcome the school to go for the Whitchurch Playing Fields in Harrow as a new site for the school – and of course the May council elections are rapidly approaching!

Avanti Schools Trust has announced that the land in Wemborough Road, Stanmore, has been identified as a potential site for their secondary school.

We welcome the school in Harrow!

So, having droned on about Cllr Hall’s “opposition” for the “free Hindu school”, now that their “pressure has worked” it’s all because of the “rapidly approaching” May elections.

Of course, we need to be absolutely clear when we say that Cllr Husain Akhtar is not “involved with” the HC(R)J, although it must be a remarkable coincidence that both his personal website, and that of the HC(R)J’s was updated on the same day. How odd.

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  1. Cllr Krishna James

    The people of Harrow surely cannot have forgotten that like any other Hindu Project be it a temple that was proposed to be built in the grounds near Northwick Park Hospital and which is now a London Landmark as Neasden Hindu Temple was bitterly opposed by the Tories of Harrow. Any venture proposed by the Hindu community has historically been opposed by the Tories in Harrow. I moved to Harrow in 1976 and while working as a Nurse in a local Hospital endured terrible caricatures of the Hindu community when it proposed anything in Harrow. The diversity is celebrated in platitudes, just as the Harrow school results are, does anyone ever mention that this could be because of the Hindu Value System within the Harrow Families. I understand that numerous excuses of traffic problems are given when a Hindu School is proposed, but I do not recall any consultation being done or Fuss being made by the predominantly Hindu community in Kenton or Kingsbury when the JFS school was built in the Mall in Brent, could it be because the the then Tory Leader Bob Blackman enabled it a seamless passage through planning. The Hindu community need not get exited about the present site being offered in Stanmore. It has been deemed that there is an embargo on what can be built on the site, once again the Hindu community is let down. The best place for the school I believe would be Pinner Park Farm, how visionary and forward thinking would that be. I am afraid the lobby of the residents would once again win as it did when the Krishna Avanti requested the site to be made available the first time, before the their school was built in a congested residential area of Edgware. Oh I just remembered that area has been a Labour stronghold, so not many Tory votes to be lost!! The same forces that pushed out ILG are in force in Harrow at all times, I will let the readers make their minds up. Hall is not the only one with Balls!!

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