Jun 12 2011

Modernism in Metro-Land

We stumbled across a website today, called Modernism in Metro-Land, which is a look at the building around South Harrow that define the area. The concept of Metro-land was created by an employee of the Metropolitan Railways’ marketing board. The Metropolitan railway had expanded their lines from Baker Street, out to the villages of Wembley and Harrow and beyond to towns like Aylesbury and Amersham. To accomplish this, they had to purchase large tracts of land from farmers and landowners either side of the proposed line.

You can read more, and tour through the archives put together by Josh Abbott here.

Probably the closest, and most iconic in South Harrow, is St Paul’s Parish Church, which was completed in 1937, which is shown here, although there are many other examples, once you start to look out for them.

Metro-Land was, of course, the title of a short programme presented by John Betjeman in 1973, which looked a the communities which had sprung-up around the Metropolitan Line railways.

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