Jul 04 2011

Need a fish kettle in South Harrow?

Sometimes, you stumble across something that you may never have any use for… although someone, somewhere, might.  In that vein of thought, here’s number one, in an occasional series, of “Things That You Never Knew You’d Never Need”

Waitrose in South Harrow has a free fish-kettle loan service. All you need to do is call into customer services in the store, and ask them to arrange your free loan.

I’m presuming that you may, at least, need to be clutching a Waitrose carrier bag stuffed full of, err, fish, for this to work. However, there’s no mention that you need to have purchased your fish there, or, indeed, any shopping. Good manners, though, would suggest you’d think about it.

Have you borrowed a fish kettle from Waitrose? Let us know in the comments what you discovered.

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