Mar 11 2011

Oyster Extension Permits

News just in from Transport for London about Oyster Extension Permits.  I’d never understood them anyway, so this is good news for me!

Travel around the Capital is set to become even easier for millions of people thanks to closer working between the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and train companies.

“Oyster Extension Permits weren’t well understood so we have decided that passengers should no longer have to use them.” – Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of the ATOC

During a rail summit at City Hall today chaired by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and attended by the train companies that operate in Greater London, a series of improvements were agreed to build on the achievements of the last 12 months and make rail travel across the Capital even better.

At today’s summit, it was announced that from the end of May there will be no more need for Oyster users heading for the edges of the Capital to get an Oyster Extension Permit.

The permits were introduced by the train companies in January last year when Oyster was rolled out onto National Rail services.

Passengers using an Oyster Travelcard who wanted to travel outside their Travelcard zones have had to load an Oyster Extension Permit onto their Oyster card to indicate their intention to extend their travel using Oyster pay as you go credit.

Although free of charge this required additional loading at ticket offices or ticket machines.

The Mayor made it clear at last year’s rail summit that he considered the permits to be confusing, and train companies have responded by undertaking a review of the system and agreeing the permits should no longer be required.

Source(s): Transport for London

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