Jul 13 2011

Pat’s Off Licence – up for sale?

Once you start looking, you start finding properties and businesses up for sale all over the place. Barely had we clicked ‘publish’ on the Golden Sovereign article, then we found this one: Pat’s Off Licence in Station Parade is up for sale with Alexandra Park estate agents, a few doors down.

The only detail on the website is that the ” …rent is £13,500 per annum. Premium £25,000.” We don’t know if the owner is retiring, forced out by crime, won the lottery, or what. But again, if we don’t start using these places, they’re simply going to close down.  I know that Asda is just over the road – and possibly with keener pricing – but you pays your money, and you takes your choice…

If you know why Pat’s is up for sale, please drop us a line at info@iharrow.com. Or, indeed, if you know of any other business looking to sell or close down, we’d appreciate a note.

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