Jul 07 2011

Pitcairn’s Path in South Harrow

If you’ve ever been to Roxeth Recreation ground in South Harrow, you’ll possibly have walked or drive along a small length or road known as “Pitcairn’s Path” – in fact, it’s such a small “stub” of a road, it’s often thought of as being simply the end of Eastcote Road, which runs from the Northolt Road up towards the rec’.

However, like many parts of the area, there is, indeed, a story behind it.

The original means of access to the park was via a footpath – and later, a bridge – across the railway line off of South Hill Avenue. The park itself came into being in March 1898, when the Council borrowed £2000 for the purchase of the fields and the construction of the road. However, red-tape  prevailed even back then, and it wasn’t until 1907 that a right of way was created where the road lies today. Interestingly, this came about due to a donation by a certain David Pitcairn.

The road itself was never officially named, and people assumed it was simply an extension of Eastcote Road. Even those that had used the name of Pitcairn’s Path eventually dropped it.

Fast forward to 1998, and one of the last acts that Roxeth Councillor Neville Hughes did was approach the council view a view to official naming of the road, and in May of that year, two road signs were duly erected, formally naming the road Pitcairn’s Path.


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