May 08 2011

Rayners Lane Taekwon-Do Academy

“Of every 100 men:
10 shouldn’t even be here…
80 are nothing but targets…
9 are real fighters…
We are lucky to have them…
They the battle make…
Ahh, but the One, One of them is a Warrior
…and he will bring the others back.”

– Hericletus in 500 BCE

Rayners lane Taekwon-do Academy was started in April 1999. It is an independant school of Taekwon-do that adheres to the original I.T.F. syllabus of Taekwon-do. This syllabus has been expanded in order to develop students capabilities in all ranges of self defence, in order to make each student as capable as possible in all areas once they obtain their 1st degree black belts.

The academy teaches all the major aspects of Taekwon-do as taught in the large federations, patterns, sparring & destruction, but we also teach areas that are sadly neglected in some schools. These areas include pattern interpretation (patterns contain strikes, locks, throws & pressure point techniques), pattern application (teaching the correct methods of applying the techniques found within the patterns) & street smart self defence, although I see Taekwon-do as an art of self defence & dislike the fact that people refer to specific parts as self defence rather than Taekwon-do as a whole.

The path from 10th kup (white belt) to 1st degree (black belt) will see the students become capable in all ranges of fighting. From kicking & punching, to sweeping & throwing, to wrist, arm & leg locks, to chokes, strangles & verticle grappling, to throwing techniques & (although not part of the original syllabus) ground fighting techniques. This is coupled with a comprehensive self protection syllabus, that runs along side the main grading syllabus.

More details here.

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