May 08 2011

Roxeth Who’s Who – 1850

From the Handbook to Harrow on the Hill, 1850:

ROXETH – Gentry.

Duncan, John, Esq,

Gale, Rev. Isaac Sadler, Dudley Cottage, Curate.

Gale, Mrs. Ditto.

Greenhill, Mrs. Roxeth Villas.

Ileathfield, Mrs, Raleigh Cottage.

Humphreys, E. Esq, Roxeth Cottage

Pigou, Mrs, Roxeth Villas

Webster, George, Esq., Do.

Wynne, Captain, George, C. E., Roxeth House

ROXETH – Traders.

Atkins, Charles, Farmer.

Atkins, George, Timber and Coal Merchant, Roxborough,

Atkins, John, Beer shop keeper, Timber Truck.

Bail, Jos., Three Horse Shoes.

Baker, Joseph, Farmer.

Baker, William, Farmer.

Butterfield, Mrs., Laundress.

Chad, Richard, Roxborough, Cricket Ground keeper.

Chapman, Richard Brown, Farmer.

Clayton, John, Farmer.

Cornwell, Thomas, Beer shop keeper.

Farmborough, Abraham, Beer shop keeper, Half Moon.

Farm borough, Joseph, Carpenter.

Greaves, Charles Ciesar, Relieving Officer.

Greenhill, Joseph, Farmer, Roxborough,

Greenhill, William, Farmer, Roxborough.

Hodsdon, John, Farmer.

Howe, Mrs. Laundress.

Lain bird, Jonathan, Butcher.

Martin, William, Bricklayer.

Martin, William, Pig-killer.

Nobes, William, Farrier.

Page, Mrs., Laundress.

Paine, James, Baker and Grocer.

Parker, James, Fanner.

Moore, William, Beer shop keeper.

Perrin, William, Farmer.

Plater, Stephen, Boot and Shoe maker.

Pritchard, John, Hay Salesman.

Pryer, Sampson, The Mitre.

Reeves, William, Farmer.

Sumpton, William, General Dealer.

Smith, James, Sheep-dealer.

Sparrow, John, Farmer.

Tillyard, H., Teacher of the Piano Forte, Woodside Cottage.

Wellum, Lydia, The Black Horse.





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