Oct 12 2011

Searching for photos of “The Butts” on Harrow on the Hill

We had an email from someone this week, who used to live on Harrow on the Hill back in the 60s, in a house called “The Butts”  – here’s his email:

 As a former resident of Harrow on the Hill (back in the sixties), my parents took a 5 year lease on the property known as “The Butts”. When we moved out, the house was demolished and two blocks of apartments (flats) were built on the site.

I was wondering if any of your readers may have photographs of the old house, which was quite large and dominated the corner of the London Road at the top of Roxeth Hill.

With grateful thanks and best regards,

Charles G M Stuart.
Now living in the USA

If anyone’s got any photos of the house he refers to, you can get in touch with Charles at replycs@yahoo.ca.

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