Jul 21 2011

Sky NextGen Broadband Trial in South Harrow

Residents in and around Northolt Road will recall workmen digging up the pavements back in March this year, all related to Sky’s new fibre-to-the-home high-speed broadband.

It seems that today, Sky have been calling door-to-door, offering trials of the new broadband service, which promises download speeds of up to 100Mb and upload speeds of up to 50Mb.  At the moment, we’re getting around 4Mb download, and 796Kb upload – a far cry from the ‘upto 20Mb’ service we’re paying for.

So what’s involved? Each property passed by Sky will have a small access hatch in the pavement, where fibre will run from, along the boundary of your property, and into your home – more commonly known as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). A small box will be installed inside your home, and the router – make/model currently unknown – will then plug into that. Both wired and wireless services will be supported. You can switch back and forth between your original broadband, and the new high-speed service by turning the appropriate router off or on.

No idea on how long the trial will last, but it’s apparently free, and they’re looking for people who are likely to make use of the full range of services across it – so if you just surf the web, this probably isn’t for you. No idea either of when it’ll move into a commercially-available product, available to everyone.

How do you sign up if you missed Sky today? No idea, to be honest. The only ‘sign-up’ page I found was dated 2009 – if you know how to sign up, let us know in the comments, below, so we can pass it on.

Here’s a copy of the brochure the Sky man left when he spoke with me. If we find anything else out, we’ll keep you posted.


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