Jun 16 2011

South Harrow residents spruce up their estate

The Harrow Observer has a nice article about Rayner’s Lane residents smartening up their estate this week. In a rare success story for residents’ associations nationwide, “…families living on the Grange Farm Estate off Shaftesbury Avenue planted flowers donated by Harrow Council on Saturday (June 11) during an event organised by the Grange Farm Estate Residents’ Association that was reformed eight months ago.”

The article goes on to say how a residents association was formed to combat anti-social behaviour, and, through the power of the community, Harrow Council sat up and listened.

southharrow.com sends its congratulations to the Chair of Grange Farm Estate Residents’ Association, Sarah Naran, for the fine work she has clearly done there.

You can read the whole article at the Harrow Observer, here.

Photo credit: Harrow Observer

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