Feb 01 2011

Travelling home from London Marylebone?

If you’re travelling back to Northolt Park from London Marylebone from February 1st, 2011, this information could be of interest. Anyone who has travelled out of London Marylebone will recall the stampede for the gates once a platform is shown, and then, the race to platforms 4,5,6 or the north end of platform 3 – which is a not inconsiderable 5-6 minute walk.

Boarding area “A” trial at Marylebone

We have started trialling the use of a boarding area in the evening peak at London Marylebone to reduce concourse crowding and give passengers more warning about where in the station their train will be, when we cannot post it well in advance.

Where is the boarding area?

The boarding area is at the north end of the wall next to platform 3 (where the bikes are stored). Over the last few weeks a new departure screen has been installed in this location that gives us this new opportunity.

How will it work?

Where we know in advance that a train on Platform 4, 5, 6 or the north end of platform 3 will be not be able to be posted with a desired amount of boarding time we will advise the passengers to go to boarding area “A” so they are closer to the train when it is announced.  We will trial different times in posting the boarding area, but it is envisaged that a train will be posted to the boarding area 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Why not simply post the trains earlier?

Where trains are on top of each other in the platforms it is generally unfeasible to board two trains at the same time due to the similarities in lots of our calling patterns and the extra staffing required.  Even in normal running we have trains in the base plan that need to split/couple with minimal turn around times at Marylebone and when this occurs we often can’t post these trains until the driver has completed the activity.

Where is boarding area/Platform “B”?

A permanent sign is being made for the boarding area and depending on the success of the trial it may be possible to roll out a boarding area for the other side of the station. Choosing “A” now allows us to continue to “B” should the need arise without needing to replace the existing signs.


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