Jul 04 2013

Video: Roxeth Show 1979

youtube_logoThe Harrow Times, sponsors of the Roxeth Show this year, have been busy searching YouTube to come up with a video of the very first Roxeth Show from 1979. The show was put together by SHARRA – the South Harrow and Roxeth Ratepayers Association (we’ve been re-publishing their old magazines online here) to celebrate 50 year of the association.

The video is only about 15 minutes long, but if you’ve lived in South Harrow for a long time, you might recognise somebody you know.

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  1. Jo Langford

    How marvellous to see from so long ago…..the parade was so much better than todays parades I am sad to say. Unfortunately I didn’t recognise anybody I knew but having said that we are now all getting on lol so maybe I wouldn’t of recognised anybody anyway 🙂

  2. Paul Turner

    The show has gone a long way since it first started. I can claim to have attended everyone . I do recognise a few people including a young me as a scout in the procession and in the back ground watching a arena display.

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