Feb 28 2011

Welldon Park School 1910-1985 Celebration (Part I)

We’ve been mailed some (very low quality) scans of a magazine celebrating Welldon Park Middle (now Junior) School’s 75th anniversary. It’s going to take some time to process these, but we’re going to publish them bit by bit over the next few weeks and/or months.


From the Right Honourable Mr Peter Walker, Minister of State for Energy

I had the privilege of being a pupil at Welldon Park School throughout the last war – in fact from 1937 to 1945. That was certainly an exciting time for us. Whenever the siren announced a possible air raid, all the pupils were able to evacuate their desks, go down into the school air raid shelters and listen to an enjoyable story.

I look back with great pleasure on my days at Welldon Park. It was a fine school with an excellent community spirit. The teachers, while making us work hard, were kind, understanding and good-humoured. I such look forward to visiting the school again, for I will be reminded of the days when I walked to school with friends from my home in Eastcote Lane, of the playground where I vigorously joined in games of football, conkers and marbles, of the excitement of sports day, but also of the occasional anxieties, particularly when my school report was not up to the standard my parents had hoped for.

For 75 years the school has done marvellous work for families in South Harrow. I am delighted to have been one of the many who have benefitted.


Right Honourable Mr Peter Walker
Minister of State for Energy

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