Mar 14 2011

Welldon Park School 1910-1985 Celebration (Part IV)

Part four in our ongoing series on Welldon Park School…


It seems to have been with great joy that Miss Davy moved her pupils from the Baptist Hall into the newly built WELLDON PARK SCHOOL. Some years afterwards, on the occasion of the School’s Silver Jubilee, she recalled the event when addressing the visitors: “On February 19th 1912 we moved into the present building, which was like a palace compared with the one we had been working in, consisting of seven classrooms and a Hall with accommodation for 340 children.”

Mrs Goulding (formerly Rebel White) was a pupil at Welldon Park at that and remembers moving from the old “Tin Chapel” to the spacious school which had such a lovely new smell about it. The school children, some of whom were only five years old, helped to carry the equipment across from one building to the other. The local trades-people, she remembers, were particularly generous in supplying resources for the school, including a piano. School holidays were not as long in 1910 as they are today. The Committee allowed only 45 days each year. Some half holidays were given at the discretion of the Managers – for Empire Day, Royal Weddings, the Children’s Sports, the Sunday School Treat and for the annual visit of Sanger’s Circus. However, in May, 1911 a special letter concerning holidays was received by the Correspondent of the Managers. It read:-

“Dear Sir.


I am to inform you that the Education Committee, at their last meeting, had before them a circular letter from the Board of Education stating that His Majesty the King had expressed the hope that the children in Public Elementary Schools might receive a week’s holiday in honour of the Coronation.”

The School was duly closed from 21 – 27 June. Mrs Goulding well remembers attending the Harrow Celebrations In the recreation ground where she received an orange, an apple and a souvenir mug depicting George V and Queen Mary.

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