Mar 16 2011

Welldon Park School 1910-1985 Celebration (Part VI)

Part six in our ongoing series on Welldon Park School…


As always in school there was a succession of accidents some of which were recorded in great detail in the School Log Book. One boy, Cecil McMurray, broke his arm whilst playing with other boys in a ditch at the far end of the playground although the boys had been told repeatedly not to play there. He was taken home immediately and his mother took his straight to hospital; the nearest one being Paddington Green.

Epidemics continued. In the autumn of 1918 influenza was widespread and attendance was reduced at one stage to 56%. In the 1920’s there were also a number of cases of diphtheria and four children died. The School Doctor visited to take throat swabs of other children. Mr M G Kite, a pupil from 1921 – 1926, missed a whole class because he had diphtheria followed by paralysis but fortunately he recovered and later qualified as a Quantity Surveyor.

Fortunately, someone had joined the Staff in 1921 that could help and advise with all those problems. Miss Duligall will be known to many former pupils as she stayed at Welldon Park for 22 years. She was a keen member of St John Ambulance. As a five year old, Jean Biskeborn was in Miss Duligall’s reception class and remembers her an a warm motherly woman who never got frustrated even when pupils fell asleep on their desks in the afternoon.

In January 1927 there was another epidemic of influenza and attendance was down to 60%. There were also some cases of scarlet fever and one girl died in February of that year.


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