Mar 17 2011

Welldon Park School 1910-1985 Celebration (Part VII)

Part seven in our ongoing series on Welldon Park School…


On the whole, numbers were rising sharply at that time. His Majesty’s Inspector, Mr V Ball, reported in May 1928 that there were eight classes, one with sixty children on roll and of the other seven, six had over fifty. In spite of the difficulties, however, the previous high standards were almost fully maintained.

Two months later the school was so overcrowded that the Baptist Hall was again taken. The problem was further alleviated by the building of four new classrooms which were brought into use in August 1929 but by then the numbers had increased to 746, fourteen classes, eight in the main School building, four in the new classrooms, one in the hall and one still in the Baptist Hall. The Harvest Festival that year was held in the yard: During the Summer Term 1954 two classes were held in the boys’ and girls’ playground shelters. Mary Firth (nee Ive) was one of the pupils thus accommodated and remembers it being very draughty with one side totally exposed to the elements.

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