Jun 06 2013

James Bond Says: Stop the Character Assassinations

cllr_james_bond-150x150Under normal circumstances when a constituent calls on me for help their case is treated in a confidential manner so it would not merit an airing in the public domain. However this case is different.

Cllr Victoria Silver is one of my constituents who has become the object of an ongoing character assassination attempt by others intent on causing her distress and wanting to harm her reputation by repeatedly and deliberately misrepresenting a tweet she wrote to liken an African dictator with the leader of the council.

I am not only defending Cllr Silver because she is one of my constituents, but also because having worked closely with her since we were both elected three years ago, I know the kind of person she truly is and I am also of the opinion that she is one of the most dedicated and committed councillors the people of Harrow have ever had the fortune to have representing them.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]The standing of politics in Harrow is now at an all-time low.[/pullquote]The campaign of innuendo being waged against her should cease immediately. Those who are themselves in public life, or like to think that they represent the views of persecuted minorities, and have become associated with this most disgusting and hurtful attack on Cllr Silver’s reputation should hang their heads in shame.

The standing of politics in Harrow is now at an all-time low. The people who elected us did so because they want councillors to stand up for their point of view and to give them a voice at the council. Cllr Victoria Silver is a woman of honour and integrity and is doing just that! Nobody deserves to be treated like this, and I for one, will continue to fight her corner for as long as is necessary.

Cllr James Bond
Headstone North Ward

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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    I wish someone had stuck up.for me like that when I got hauled through Standards for the first year and a half of my term!

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