Mar 11 2013

Jeremy Says: A Recipe for Corruption

jeremy_zeidI am sure that readers will share my worries, that since the scrapping of the Standards Board for England, the Labour “led” Council have been busy voting themselves exemptions over declarations of Interests, which would
have previously attracted censure and possible criminal proceedings.

The system is a “sniper’s-charter” for serial grievance merchants and malicious tattle-tails, their never having to face the accused while the taxpayer foots the legal bill, often running into thousands, with outside lawyers on the tax funded gravy train, drafted in to ensure “compliance”, and in my experience eager to prolong matters. This Kangaroo Court still goes on but seemingly only for minor junk, such as someone taking “offence” for a perceived slight or the perennial and tourettes-like favourite of Cllr Krishna James, “racism”. Having sat on the Standards panel I can attest to the truth of the situation.

My concern is that the Labour Council appears to have “strong-armed” the largely Labour leaning Harrow Standards Panel into relaxing and changing the rules, possibly illegally. A prejudicial interest previously meant that Councillors, who would have had to leave the room, are now being allowed to vote: Specifically, those in receipt of Council Tax benefit will now be allowed to vote on their own benefit. What else has now been “rebranded” as acceptable?

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…those in receipt of Council Tax benefit will now be allowed to vote on their own benefit.[/pullquote]When I raised this matter as a public question, Our Great Leader, Cllr Iddiakkadar-Mugabe stated, to claps from his trained seals and grateful, well-remunerated, cabinet “advisors”, “We don’t want to go back to the bad old days to when only the rich could vote”. One has nothing to do with the other. For the record, having done an anonymized FOI search, only one Labour Councillor is in receipt of Council Tax benefit. Did they vote?

I fear this becoming a ratcheting process, a recipe for corruption, where Councillors will be able to lobby for planning or licensing applications, receiving fees, previously denied them by the rules and the threat of jail?

I only mention this because a report in this week’s National Press exposes a number of Councillors in various areas who are benefiting to the tune of tens of thousands of Pounds to act as “consultants” for developers to get
them planning permission.

With various highly questionable developments in Harrow, in Stanmore, Kenton-West, the High-Rise monstrosities mooted for Central Harrow, Vaughan School and others; who on Harrow Council and/or the GLA is not acting in the interests of the RESIDENTS whom they were elected to serve?




Jeremy Zeid

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