Mar 04 2013

Jeremy Says: Budget 2013/14 – Harrow twinning with Harare

jeremy_zeidWell folks, its official, or at least it should be that Harrow will be twinning with Harare, Labour’s policies being indistinguishable: A confiscatory budget to pay for their client vote, under the guise of “fairness”, while the parks and streets rot. Robert Mugabe did the same as he flushed Zimbabwe down the tubes. But “it’s only 46p a week”, “less than a pint of milk”, crowed the expensive taxpayer funded, double paged, full-colour adverts in this paper. You can’t drink TAX. And the expensive advert? Where it belongs, lining the cat’s litter tray!

It gets worse. When I asked a public question regarding Councillors who would normally have to declare a prejudicial or pecuniary interest and leave the room, as they are drawing Council Tax Benefit, now being allowed to not only stay and debate, but actually vote on their own benefits, The Great Leader Cllr Idiakkadar had the gall, the bare-faced cheek to suggest that not to allow them to vote would be a “return to the bad old days”, “when only the rich could vote”. Nothing to do with his strong-arming the Labour and Left leaning “Standards Panel” into allowing this probably illegal change to the rules then? Uncle Bob Mugabe would be proud.

Jack Welby, another well know local correspondent, appalled at the depths to which Harrow has sunk, presented the Mayor with a bouquet of flowers, in memorial for the Death of Harrow Council.

After nearly an hour of listening to Cllr Sachin Shah, Harrow’s answer to Gordon Brown (and with the same financial and oratorial acumen), squawking on about “investment”, “the cuts”, Harrow’s “unfair grant settlement” and blaming everyone and everything else, like a scratched record of a Parrot on speed with Tourettes, I made my excuses and left.

And the worst aspect is that until May 2014, we’re stuck with Mr Mugabe and his acolytes on a New Zimbabwe Council who have trouble balancing food on a fork, let alone a budget, where such is their utter incompetence that no amount of extra funding would be sufficient, when I hope that Harrow Residents will see through all of the claptrap and kick them out, although Lord help those who have to clear up the mess.

Jeremy Zeid

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