Oct 14 2013

Jeremy Says: Gareth Promoted, gets it wrong again

jeremy_zeidReading that Gareth Thomas the former Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings has been promoted as Labour’s new Shadow Minister for Europe; his bald assertion that we need “economic stability before a referendum”, tells us all we need to know about both him and the rarified political bubble so many politicians seem to inhabit.

If the EU is supposed to bring “economic stability”, tell that to those countries who are trapped in the Eurozone; Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal whose economies have been devastated by debt, over-regulation and a currency they have no control over and ill-fitted to their needs. Some, such as Italy and Greece have had their democratically elected governments removed and replaced by unelected technocrats and cronies, while Ireland were told that they couldn’t hold an election until they met EU Kommissariat “conditions”. So next time Our Gareth uses the word “democracy”, do try to keep a straight face and for heaven sakes don’t be drinking anything or you’ll spray him with hot coffee.

The only reason the Eurozone has any life left in it, is the money, often borrowed, poured in by net contributors such as Germany and the UK, in our case about £55million per day, while the ECB illegally buys their own debts and prints money. There is an unsavoury comparison; inhaling one’s own exhaust is the cleanest way to put it. The result is the same eventually you get ill, weaken and die.

With the unelected Brussels Commission and Courts conspiring to foist ever more diktats on us, gnawing away at our national sovereignty, the ability to govern ourselves, the incessant interference in our business, industry and energy sectors, I would have thought that a Referendum was even more urgent. If we wait for the Eurozone economy to be “stabilized”, we will be waiting until the sun grows cold for that Referendum. Anyone who believes Mr Cameron’s promise to hold one in 2017 is seriously deluded. This is predicated on his winning an outright majority in 2015, which is increasingly unlikely, plus, constitutionally, no Parliament can bind its successors.

You’ve been warned folks.

If Mr Cameron is serious about winning in 2015, and he would, big time, then we need a referendum in 2014, before we cede so much that Parliament is no more than a ceremonial parish council in thrall to the unelected Kommissariat. But he won’t, because the Prime Minister is cut from the same rarified, I-know-best cloth, which is why next year and beyond, the three traditional parties are in for a great big surprise.

That Gareth Thomas actually believes that an unelected centralized Commission and a rubber-stamp Euro-Parliament is good for anyone, betrays his Hard Left sovietised world-view, and we all know what happens when the State gets too big, distant and arrogant, every single time, no exceptions, ever.

Mr Thomas, in holding these views, is an ideal choice for the coming puppet state with rewards aplenty for Party-Loyal clones, and to hall with the proles. Still, at least as Shadow Minister for Europe, he will have his usual role, albeit expanded as he gets to stand holding signs, protesting outside buildings Europe-wide and not just in Harrow West.

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