Jul 07 2013

Jeremy Says: Gareth Thomas Standing Outside a Building Again…

jeremy_zeidGuest post by Jeremy Zeid, Chairman of Harrow UKIP:

What a delicious irony…. Once again, we have yet another example of Gareth Thomas, the Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings (MFSOB for short), in mock-outrage-mode, standing outside yet another building. Still, at least he is wearing a different tie.

Meanwhile, Laydeeeeezz an, Gennnermennnn, Welcome to Public Accountability Question Time.

Okay Gareth, don’t be nervous, a simple one first.

Whose Party having been in power for 13 years, despite hosing tens of billions of OUR money over the NHS, failed to deal with its inherent wastefulness, the money being blown on salaries, bureaucracy and eye-catching, headline making but short term, “initiatives”?

Answer…….Your Party, Labour.

Whose Party, fronted by your good self, the Shadow MFSOB, promised £315 MILLION for a shiny new hospital to replace Northwick Can’t-Park, the “flagship” NHS callous and uncaring monster that killed my mother-in-law, my wife’s uncle and kept my elderly aunt in squalor?

That’s right, YOURS, Labour.

Seeing a pattern yet? No? OK, to continue, your starter for ten:-

Whose Party was it who totally stuffed up the GP Contract, throwing our money at doctors, paying them more to play golf, for doing less, worse, shoving the responsibility and additional cost onto the local PCTs who rely on overpaid locums and flown-in foreign doctors who often do not care, cannot speak English and do not know their patients…

Whooooops… Your Party, LABOUR again.

Okay Gareth, let’s try for the jackpot:-

Whose party was it who against all advice turned nursing from a calling, a caring vocation, into an “academic” “degree” subject, that acted as a barrier against the people who would otherwise have become the best nurses, the result being that we have “degree nurses” who spend their time wielding clipboards and playing pretend “doctor”, chatting around the “nursing station” and are far to precious to wash, feed or heaven forbid clean patients, leaving them starving, thirsty and lying in their own excrement?

Right again….. LABOUR

Final couple of questions for the Shadow MFSOB. OK Gareth, ready, here goes….

Which Minister and whose Party almost got away with shutting down Mount Vernon Hospital, scattering its specialist Burns and Cancer teams to the four winds and wanted to relocate all services to St Mary’s Paddington, in all that traffic, and was only stopped after a major outcry because it was close to an election?

CORRECT AGAIN… Gareth Thomas, the Shadow MFSOB and the Labour Party, heroes of the “people”.

And finally, just a couple to go……

Whose Party wanted to close the A&E at Northwick Park, expecting Harrow and Brent residents to travel either to Barnet or Watford for treatment?

Sorry Gareth, no mumbling….. what was that…… CORRECT AGAIN, the answer is LABOUR.

And finally for now……

Whose party sold out the working classes, bankrupted the economy, gave more rights to criminals than ordinary citizens, engaged in several willy-waving foreign wars and then deliberately and systematically threw open the borders and allowed in not only every waif and stray, but hundreds of thousands from the war zones we interfered in and from the rest of the universe who greased with billions of our taxes, easy access to housing, education and the rest, in gratitude, could be counted on to vote Labour, despite this being one of the key reasons for the near collapse of the NHS?

Brilliant!! Yep, you’ve got it……. it’s LABOUR.

Your prize. A LONG PERMANENT HOLIDAY…. being kicked out next year and retiring into obscurity but NOT on some job-for-life useless Quango, malignant leftist “Think”-tank or other tax remunerated socialist drone packed “public” body.

Ooooo Sorry folks, I nearly forgot…… One more question for Gareth Thomas, Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings……

Whose Party was it who having been elected on a ticket of more Skoolz’n’Ospitalz blew Scores of BILLIONS of Pounds on PFIs building dozens of expensive schools and hospitals, for which we will be in debt for decades, many being so expensive and indebted that they never opened as there’s no money for staffing, equipment or drugs, and all so that they’d have a “legacy”? And who picks up the bill for that “legacy”? The taxpayer.

CORRECT…. Once again, it was……. Yep, you’ve guessed it…. LABOUR.

If there’s any justice, which there isn’t, because that was also nobbled by Labour and a raft of soft “liberal” Judges, unless you’re a foreign war criminal, hate preacher, illegal immigrant rapist/murderer, Rwandan torturer, you’d be in JAIL.
Jeremy Zeid
Chairman Harrow UKIP

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  1. ricky123


  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Profuse apologies, I missed out a really important question for our Shadow Minister For Standing Outside Buildings.

    For that bonus point and that nice Parliamentary Pension…. Here goes…

    Whose Party blew nearly ELEVEN BILLION POUNDS on a failed NHS Patients’ Database that had it worked would have put all of our sensitive medical data at the beck and call to a couple of million sundry bureaucrats, councils, state agencies, insurance companies, in fact anyone but us?

    Answer…. LABOUR.

    Unfortunately the dozy Tories and LibDums who originally railed against it, want to resurrect this all pervasive malignant monster. Time for a change methinks….

  3. john p hobbs

    Yes well said Jeremy you are sounding like the rest of the true British public , fed up to the teeth with the incompetent lot we are used to , disaster after disaster scandal after scandal wringing hands and saying it must never happen again ,,,,, but it always does , not one of the people responsible ever takes the real can or does anything , I believe the mood has now changed and they will have to listen to us , be very careful Jeremy…. talking like that you could end up as Prime Minister . One can only push Brits so far then God help them . jph

  4. Praxis Reform

    Must be infectious, they’re all up to it now… I didn’t even know Bob had any say in how Wealdstone was run: https://twitter.com/BobBlackmanMP/status/358288808296448001/photo/1

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