Nov 01 2013

Jeremy Says: Harrow Council’s “Contempt” For Residents

jeremy_zeid3Guest post from Jeremy Zeid…

In the last few days, I have come across several examples of how Harrow Council, despite claims to the opposite, actively HATES LOCAL BUSINESSES, HATES SHOPPERS, has utter CONTEMPT FOR RESIDENTS and in particular despises anyone with a car (unless a Harrow Council vehicle which will park and stop with impunity) and is out to extort as much money as possible, with menaces, from hapless residents, traders and visitors.

Over the next few weeks, I will post reports on how Harrow Council HATES YOU. With a bit of luck, if I get elected in on the 7th of November, I will take the fight right to the heart of Harrow Council.

Here is the first.

MERTON ROAD in the Ward of Harrow on the Hill is a small street near Whitmore School. Did you know that it is a “Controlled Parking Zone”? Nor did I.

There are, NO marked bays, NO signage actually in the street and unless you are a giraffe, the signs advertising the fact are EIGHT FEET up in the air. So unless you drive a convertible and if the weather is bad or you are
watching for hazards as opposed to Yet Another Municipal Mafiosi Cash Cow, you could be forgiven for missing them. See pics.

I suspect that this Car Persecution Zone (CPZ) may actually be illegal, with the Council possibly liable to refund ALL “penalties with menaces”. I will be pursuing this.

I strongly suspect that this was put in by Labour, presumably to make up for their screwing up the IT budgets, and to pay for those nice expensive Top-Of-The-Range freebie Apple iPads and accessory USB keyboards, I have
seen some Councillors walking about with.

I was told by residents that the CPZ went in because the 6th Formers from nearby Whitmore are “too bloody lazy to walk or get a bus to school” and were clogging the road up from morning to late afternoon.

Some (the printable ones) quotes from a few fed up Council Tax (Band E) hammered Residents.

  • “We can’t even have a visitor”,
  • “I have had to run out into the street to tell people not to park”,
  • “There is no signage and it’s easy to miss the signs”,
  • “My friend got a £100 fine from Harrow”,
  • “Why is this being applied on Saturday and Sunday”,
  • “The Traffic Wardens seem to prey on our street”
  • “I cannot even park outside my own home”,
  • “It’s a nightmare if you need a tradesman and have no frontage to park on”

So here are a few questions for our “Wonderful” Council:

  • What “Genius” put this in?
  • Did anyone actually visit the street to consider the impact?
  • Did anyone speak to residents or was this the usual “Notice on a Lamppost” and “you should have read it”, exercise in democratic contempt?
  • Why is this being applied on Saturday and Sunday?
  • How much has Harrow Council SCAMMED in this street, from hapless vehicle owners?

I suspect that this is but the tip of the iceberg and that because these things happen in isolation, nobody sees the whole picture.

merton1If you feel as I do and want to start reclaiming your borough from the Municipal Mafiosi, email me at harrowukip@gmail.com with the Subject Municipal Mafiosi.

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  1. Cllr John Nickolay

    This item is very revealing since it implies that Mr Zeid (and perhaps UKIP) has scant regard for the democratic process applied by Harrow Council (regardless of which Party is in control) of only introducing parking controls where a majority of residents support them. When the group of roads opposite Whitmore High School was consulted eighteen months ago Ferring Close voted 10 to 1 against, Merton Road voted 3 to 1 in favour and respondents from Porlock Avenue were 100% in favour and the Traffic Panel (of which Mr Zeid used to be a member when a Conservative Cllr).agreed to take action that complied with those results. Mr Zeid presumably has contempt for those residents who wanted the parking controls in Merton Road.

  2. j p hobbs

    Still nothing done to help the elderly and disabled from getting ripped off at Harrow and Wealdstone Station in spite of all this Waffle from the overpaid pretending to be concerned about parking , I have been asking for a year now and still they wring their hands or should I say wash their hands of it . so that’s about another £100,000 in fines for this year from that one of many cameras . No Willy I wont stop banging on sorry old fella . remember elections coming up folk . hit back .

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