Mar 04 2013

Jeremy Says: It’s not a “fairer grant” that Harrow needs, it’s a competent Council.

jeremy_zeidWell it’s official, or it should be, that Harrow having become a failed Kleptocracy, will be twinning with Harare.

While constantly bleating about the “cuts”, the Labour “led” Council is still blowing thousands on tarting up offices at the Civic centre, millions on IT failures, millions on “consultants” and consultations, thousands on expensive adverts extolling the “value” of the “only” 46p weekly hike of our Council Tax and of course the “revenue neutral” £60K+ of OUR money, by our Great Leader in buying off his cronies.

What brings home this arrogant disregard for taxpaying residents and businesses? We have the increasing incidences of our Traffic Vultures fining motorists who have broken down while out-of-touch, very highly paid, well-pensioned Officers, pontificate on damage to pavements while failing to maintain and fix the roads in the first place. No discretion, no apologies, just hand over your money or we’ll send in the bailiffs. NICE!!

We have the Civic Centre bureaucracy and the Labour Party protected from economic reality, while front-line staff that actually do the work, are sacked or have their wages cut. Where are the useless union “comrades”? Oh
that’s right, in their comfy tax-funded offices canoodling with their bought and paid for Labour comrades.

The vibrant Hatch End shopping centre is about to take a nose-dive as Labour’s civic-centre Mafiosi spend tens of thousands of Pounds, imposing “Parking controls” and a 24hour Bus Lane “fine trap” while Labour wards,
Queensbury and Edgware escape. Naturally it’s because of the “cuts”, while the woodworm ridden “cabinet” shed crocodile tears about threatened local businesses.

And to deliberately rub more salt into the wounds, to demonstrate the “vicious Tory cuts”, the CAB is being destroyed after more than 70 years and the parks being allowed to rot, while millions are frittered away on vanity

So while everyone is distracted by Labour’s “Fair Grant for Harrow” propaganda, ask yourself one simple question; If they are so concerned about Harrow and its Services, surely they’d have consulted the likes of Labour
controlled Merton on how they controlled costs, before launching this pathetic distraction. It’s not a “fairer grant” that Harrow needs, it’s a competent Council.

Jeremy Zeid

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