Jul 08 2013

Jeremy Says: Lazy Harrow Tories awarded the OBE

jeremy_zeid3It seems that Harrow’s Conservatives are so stale and bereft of ideas that they’ve taken to stealing ours.

On the back of UKIP Councillor Stanley Sheinwald’s campaign on Sunday 23rd June, with 1000 leaflets distributed by our team in Hatch End, highlighting the plight of the small businesses at Pickwick Walk, what do we find? None other than the less-than-active Cllr Jean Lammiman bigging up her Council candidate hubby John Hinkley, barging in and hijacking our efforts in order to grab the headlines.

By a strange coincidence, last week, just a couple of days after Herbie Crossman, local activists and I, ran a street stall in Rayners Lane, getting signatures on a petition against Harrow Council’s systematic persecution of shops and motorists, what do we find? Step forward, Cllr Kam Chana running a “survey of Rayners Lane businesses” again on the back of our efforts.

There is little more despicable than leeching off of others and claiming the credit.

May I remind them that playing these silly games may seem “clever”, but they completely turn off those who are forced to pay through the nose, Harrow Residents and Businesses who despair at the pathetic childishness of it all.

I therefore award Cllr Lammiman, Hubby John Hinkley and Cllr Chana, the OBE, only in this case it stands for Other Blighters’ Efforts.


Jeremy Zeid
Chairman – Harrow UKIP

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  1. Jeremy Zeid Chairman Harrow UKIP

    Sincere apologies are due to Cllr Kam Chana. I have since found out that his business survey goes back awhile. His OBE withdrawn. I must admit to having been surprised as Kam is a nice guy and a good Councillor and someone for whom it was a pleasure to campaign in my previous incarnation. A drink owed to him by me.

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