Apr 22 2013

Jeremy says – Shah Trek, the Next Generation – Renaming Harrow

jeremy_zeid3With Harrow’s “ruling” Labour Group fighting amongst themselves like ferrets in a sack over whom should be Council Leader, plain ol’ Group Leader (or both), no real surprises at what appears to be a Shah Dynasty being set up behind the scenes.

Cllr Husain Akhtar, the recent addition to the Labour Group, must be wondering what he’s got himself into, the Labour Group from what I have heard, wondering likewise.

Shockingly, it seems that the “cuts” are taking a serious toll of Navin Shah’s household, plunging them into a truly dreadful level of deprivation, most notably the pittance being paid to Shah-Senior as reward for virtually bankrupting the Borough as the vestigial Labour GLA member for Brent and Harrow.

Why is it that the bigger the Labour Failure, the greater he rewards? Sixty-five Grand for being on the useless GLA, a bundle more I am led to believe for the Fire Authority, plus the Eight Grand Harrow Councillors allowance. Is Our Nav still running his architectural business, or is he also allegedly raking it in as a “planning consultant” as are others, to bludgeon through applications in the teeth of public opposition; high rise buildings anyone, oh yes and what about Vaughan School?

Then there is his missus, the dynamic Cllr Rekha Shah with another Eight+ Grand a year coming in and who was rumoured to have been in contention for Mayor.

Times must be REALLY tough in the Shah household with a mere Eighty Grand Plus of taxpayer’s money coming in; worn out shoes, no food, blown boiler, car clapped out, paper on the broken windows, ragged trousers, Council bailiffs demanding their sky high taxes and fees. So bad it seems, for them to have to force their DAUGHTER into a safe Labour Council seat-for-life, domestic slavery for a derisory Eight Grand+ to lift the family out of their abject poverty.

But I have admire their modesty and self-effacing dignity, for despite their obviously desperation, they haven’t yet forced their son into another safe Labour seat and a position on a quango or commitee, the equivalent of working up chimneys.

Naturally it is ALL because of the “cuts”, the rising Council Tax, numerous “Green” taxes, the quangos, tiers of government, levies, fines penalties, regulations, trashed pension funds foisted, on the Working Classes by Labour……. errrrrr……. whoops, I meant the Tories and Margaret Thatcher in particular.

Having just received my hiked Council Tax Bill, and having to graft for every penny to reduce my overdraft, you really need a heart of stone not feel their pain. (takes out small onion and dabs away a tear), may I therefore, in honour of the fortitude of this shy, retiring family, propose a cross-party agreement for a local referendum to rename the borough as the London Borough of Shahrrow?

– Jeremy Zeid

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Apologies for the “whom” in the first paragraph, it should’ve been who…. Likewise any other typos…

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    Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow commented on iharrow.com:

    Apologies for the “whom” in the first paragraph, it should’ve been who…. Likewise any other typos…

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