May 07 2013

Jeremy Says: The Harrow Libraries are part of a catalogue of errors

jeremy_zeid3Who else remembers Labour’s posturing and brouhaha over “threats to Libraries” in the run-up to the 2010 Local Elections? I certainly do.

We were told of the dire consequences to our Libraries, in my case Kenton Library, should residents vote for anyone but Labour. The scares and the threats poured forth: Lo and behold, Labour gained control of the Council.

The facts are that there were never any “threats” to Harrow’s Libraries; well there weren’t until Labour gained control. Their sacking of many of our library staff, replacing them with machines was the first sign of the reality.

If I was the cynical type (heaven forbid); the closure of the Civic Centre Library, low grade repairs (if at all) to our streets, the sacking of 400 council staff many of them front-line and the hollowing out of services while the bureaucracy keeps expanding, taxes up and charges increasing, I could be persuaded that this is a deliberate ploy to give the illusion of “cuts” and “austerity” in the campaign for a “fair grant” (read, more of our money to waste) while the bureaucracy and of course the £69K enhanced “revenue neutral” payments to various Labour Cabinet Cronies remain in place.

Naturally, this is in the run-up to the 2014 elections when the financially incompetent and ideologically bankrupt Labour party will blame the “cuts”, the Tories, Global Warming, the Banks, El Nino, Asteroids, America and Giant
Radioactive Guinea-Pigs, in fact anything and anyone but themselves, while relying on those in receipt of their largesse, paid with our money, to vote them back into power.

I know that residents are rightfully sceptical and untrusting of the Council, but staying at home next year will not be an option, unless we are masochists.

A vote against Labour wherever they are standing will see a return to sanity and sound financial control, although whoever inherits the Council is going to need skin like Kevlar from the flak of having to make tough decisions,
while protecting vital services and our most vulnerable residents, clearing up Labour’s bloody mess yet again. Will we never learn?

Jeremy Zeid

Chairman Harrow UKIP.

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  1. Krishna Lathia-James

    I did not think a day may come when I agree with some of the things you say Jeremy! Libraries are something I have always treasured in particuler Kenton Library where I did some of my studies back in the 90’s. I do disagree with you about the Government Cuts thought, they are truely effecting the most vunerable in our society, while meeting someone from this community yesterday I was informed about how badly people are being treated by Atos the government appointed French Company making Billions at our expense. I suggest you talk to them. Apparently the experience is between communism and fascism. Subjects you talk about repeatedly scaremongering and spreading fear. Jeremy put your energy where it is needed, putting the wrongs to right. Oh Ya you are to the Right!!!UKIP

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