Dec 13 2014

Jeremy Says: The Leader’s Song

guest_postWith Christmas imminent and Harrow being the home of Gilbert and Sullivan, I apologise in advance for rewriting that old favourite, the Policeman’s Song. With the current antics of the Council and invisible Dave, I thought that this would be a suitable rendition.

The Leader’s Song

The Labour Council seems to revel in enjoyment (in enjoyment)
In imposing nasty larcenous little plans (little plans)
Creating yet more Chief executive employment (-tive employment)
Leaving little left for clearing up our land (up our land)

Our objections they endeavour but to smother (but to smother)
When ignoring public duties to be done (-to be done)
Closing libraries, service, arts and lots of others (lots of others)
While our high streets turn to deserts one by one

With municipal duties now not done, (now not done)
The Part Time Labour Leader’s lot’s a well paid one

While our traffic wardens give out parking tickets (parking tickets)
Cuts to cleaning leaves our streets all filled with grime (filled with grime)
Harrow’s shoppers neither campaign and don’t picket (and don’t picket)
They go to Brent Cross or to Watford all the time (all the time)

While the Council keeps on ramping up the taxes (up the taxes)
Treating residents like unintelligent mutts (-igent mutts)
Millions spent on propaganda to the maxes (to the maxes)
While carping on about the “savage Tory cuts” (Tory cuts)

With wasteful bureaucratic duties being done (being done)
The Part Time Labour Leader’s lot’s a well paid one (well paid one)

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Jeremy Zeid
Chairman UKIP Harrow and Bard of Kenton

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