May 22 2013

Jeremy Says: Welcome to Harrow. Not.

jeremy_zeid3Guest article by Jeremy Zeid:

Here’s an expose as to how lousy Harrow is for business. Only Tory Barnet seem to be more inept with their introducing “convenient” mobile-only payment to ark that has destroyed their shopping streets such ad Brent Street. If is wasn’t for the Kosher shops and Jewish community in the localities most of their streets would be dead. But it’s “convenient” for the blood stupid pig-headed, we-won’t-be-told-by-mere-residents, Council (better spelled without the 1st vowel).

So let’s look at Harrow. Wealdstone… Two car parks built over and a CPZ further up the road. No way to drop or collect passengers at the front of the station as it is a lucrative “fine trap” enforced by a spy-on-a-stick CCTV that rakes in thousands but hasn’t caught a single criminal despite it being for “public safety”. If I hadn’t fought for over 15 years to get the road reopened it would be worse.

One saving grace is that the multi-storey is quite cheap. Even Labour left this one alone, but then Marlborough and Wealdstone are “Labour” wards. As for the High Street, the grade of business has plummeted with high rents, neglect, demographic changes and dunderhead incompetent planners and useless officers allowed some of the most hideous rat-hole developments. Just look at the new Sainsburys and the modern-slum flats on that site. Has anyone been sacked or even had a tea break forbidden? No prizes, they’re still with us carrying on the vandalism. Sustainable cretinism.

Hatch End, a thriving shopping centre with loads of fancy eateries is about to go down the toilet and FAAAASSST. Why? Because the previous Portfolio-Moron-in-Chief’ Cllr Phil O’Dell sees it as a “revenue opportunity” to whack in machines and high parking charges. Has he got shares in the Galleria in Watford, or indeed Uxbridge? Once the “charges” start, watch the High Street empty and the shops start closing. And just WHO was the BLITHERING IDIOT who sanctioned the TWENTY FOUR HOUR BUS LANE “fine trap” just past Morrisons that causes huge delays especially from people wanting to turn right into Hatch End Station. Oh that’s right, its the non-driving Cllr Phil O’Dull.

But Labour couldn’t give a FourEx for Hatch End as its a “Tory Ward” with a Tory MP Nick Hurd, so no electoral damage to the Shadow Minister for Standing Outside Buildings, Gareth Thomas, nor any Labour Councillor.

Rayners Lane, and once again car and business hating Labour being short of money, are “investing” in yellow paint and filling the place with double yellow lines… Where you may ask? OUTSIDE THE SHOPS while there is no alternative parking. If it wasn’t for Tesco, the ships would be dying even faster. And when is the moronic 5pm curfew for parking near Village Way going to be stopped and that catches out thousands who don’t realise that you cannot park in this LEGAL space after 5pm. Oh that’s right it won’t, too much “revenue” for the Council, while he customers desert the area and long existing businesses shut up shop to be replaced by cheap barbers, grocers, newsagents that only employ family members. It is starting to look like Wealdstone.

And lastly, for now, Laydeezzzz an Gennnnermen, I give yewww….. HARROW TOWN CENTRE…. Who are les Tetes-de-Merde who hike/parking charges so high that all we have left are betting shops, loan-shark emporia, pawnbrokers, charity shops and drinking-holes. Still, at least most of heir punters walk (or stagger) while the real shops die. In the last fortnight, Ancona, Blacks, West One, and the Burger King and the other shop near Super drug are still empty after several years.

Whole blocks of offices near the station, EMPTY. The old post office site still EMPTY, Labour having screwed up the development. The Library site, an empty bomb site, a proud source of mud and dust. Bradstowe house, still an empty skeleton. Trident Place, a monument to rat hole future slum “sustainable” development where the lifts don’t work and the place is already falling to sustainable pieces. If it wasn’t for Morrisons and its Car Park, it would be a sink-estate. St Ann’s road our “Premiere” Shopping centre, despite all of the tinkering, is seedy, unkempt and if it weren’t for the “relatively” cheap St Ann’s and St George’s parking, would Ave died long ago, a wind-swept pedestrianised disaster area. It is a miracle that Debenhams survives considering Harrow, yes it is the Kretin Kouncil, hiking parking charges again and should you go a second over WALLOP! a £60 Welcome-to-Harrow “revenue” raiser for the parasites in the Civic Centre, despite being in a bloody PARKING SPACE obstructing no-one and spending in the local economy. We need paystations so that motorists should never get a fine for being parked in a carpark. The cost of parking on the street is so high, that soaces are now empty with the Parasite Council now taking LESS MONEY. The Kretins will put it up again next year to “make up the budget shortfall”, wait and see. They NEVER learn, but will blame the “cuts” when the shops close down.

Once again, if it wasn’t for TESCO and the free parking for an hour and a half, Station Road, the Post Office Collection Point and others along Station Road down to the anything-but-Civic Centre, would be DEAD.

In the meantime the Two-Shah’s Parrots with Tourettes Duet, keep squawking on about the “cuts” while throwing our money around like drunks on a Saturday night, on pet projects and bribing sections of the community with their own money in exchange for votes.

There are plenty of other examples that I am sure readers will add, and no doubt plenty of invective fro various Labour “worthies” suffering from tete-dans-la-derriere syndrome who will not admit any fault.

As boy Harrow being the best place for business, I think that the PM should take the award back. While we are at it, is there any way to get these liars arrested and prosecuted for fraud.

Source: Jeremy Zeid, UKIP Harrow

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Apologies for all of the typos. That is a consequence of typing into a small box that scrolls out of sight, and of course predictive text that can put in the wrong word.

  2. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Here’s another one of Labour’s disaster areas.

    The shops at the junction of Headstone Drive. Half a cheer for putting some parking spaces outside the new flats. Then it all goes wrong.

    The Council minus the O, installed CCTV on the junction at a cost of tens of thousands of our money to persecute any trader or customer having the temerity to need to loafor unload hevy items. Is a LOBOTOMY a prerequisite to working at the Civic Gulag?

    Businesses are haemorrhaging customers and are on the point of finally closing their doors.

    And here’s an example of Municipal Stupidity par excellence. Some MORON allowed a tree to be planted a few feet in front of the Bathroom shop entrance. Not only isit an obstruction, something that would attract a fine if it were a vehicle, bit when it comes into leaf will completely hide the shop.

    Ho doubt we will be told how it is “saving the planet” but it’s destroying a business. The response from the Kretin Kouncil….. errrrrrr Nothing. Too busy accusing eachother of racism and blaming the “cuts”.

    All that was needed were a few inset parking bays, agreed as feasible when I was on Council. They would have improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety but then I ran up against thr brick wall of local officer intransigence. Their pensions are far more important than local residents and businesses.

    So just what business is the Kretin Kouncil friendly to? Big contactors who benefit from lax contracts and poor oversight while the taxpayer picks up the tab. Crapita anyone.

    I must assume that Harrow was recommended for the Award by those huge contractors grateful for a weak, stupid council and officers who are friendly to their lack of performance, delivery and oversight why we have to pay on pain of punishment.

  3. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Here’s a suggestion for our “esteemed” Council and officers.

    Firstly, why are you wasting TWO MILLION POUNDS tarting up St Ann’s Road pavements, while disrupting businesses and obstructing shoppers.

    Why instead of spending on a load of nothing didnt you CUT THE PARKING CHARGES or make the first half hour free and install Pay Stations so that no-one need ever get a Parking Penalty Ticket for being in a bloody Car park?

    Until you the Council start making life easier for tax-fleeced residents and businesse we will continue to hold you in the same utter contempt that you hold us.

    But you won’t listen because you think that you are either above us all, to be treated “with respect” or just don’t give a damn, waiting for that pension that most of us will never get.

  4. Praxis Reform

    I laughed when I saw the letter in this weeks paper, 80p to park if you pay using the machine. £1.20 to park if you use the council’s new pay-by-phone parking scheme.

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