Feb 10 2014

Jeremy Says: Welcome to Harrow!

jeremy_zeidOver the last few months we have been constantly told how crime is falling, that Harrow is “one of the safest Boroughs in London”, how “Harrow Council Supports Local Business”, and all of the standard blurb.

Statistically crime may be reducing,but the reason is somewhat different. I put this down to the mushrooming numbers of top quality, high resolution, CCTV on poles and CCTV vehicles costing tens of thousands of pounds a pop, with zoom lenses that will spot a flea on a hedgehog, Infra Red that will tell you if said hedgehog is alive or dead, and software to tell if the hedgehog is licensed to carry fleas.

Harrow Council is currently run by the Conservative Party who in 2010 declared that “Labour’s War on Motorists is over” but which has been reinstated nationally and locally with a new zeal and by automation and remote control technology, to nick as many motorists as possible to fill the coffers.

For the crime figures, any detected seem purely incidental to the more lucrative Fine Game that I’m told the CCTV operators enjoy, to wile away the hours. As for those figures; no footage equals no crime, peddled statistically as crime having all but disappeared: Oh Happy Day, praise the Lord, drinks all round.

Back in the real Harrow, not the fairyland one existing in Councillors’ and Officers’ heads: Despite the much touted 20mins free parking per day, for a Council whose stated aim is to “support local businesses”, these remote control “Welcome to Harrow, Please Come Again” £60+ penalties, fines and threats are just the ticket to discourage people from Harrow.

This weekend, the town centre was a ghost town, with only the outlets near free car parks being relatively busy. The rip-off car-parks in Gayton Road and behind Debenhams were virtually empty. Meanwhile in our “Harrow Council supports Local Business” Town Centre proper, retail shops selling things are closing, replaced by betting shops, loan sharks, takeaways, pawnbrokers, hairdressers or clonelike popup odds’&’sods shops offering phone unlocking or just remaining empty.

It seems that the only “local business” being supported by Harrow Council, is the Fine & Penalty extortion business. Time for the Council to make Harrow Open for Business, rather than turning Harrow into a CCTV monitored Open Prison.

Jeremy Zeid – Chairman, UKIP Harrow

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  1. j p hobbs

    Yes Jeremy but remember all your claptrap about the stealth camera at the Station and what you were going to do about it , what have you done bugger all , not even mentioned it . not sure i trust UKIP now , just like all the others .

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